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About Augusta

Augusta is a luxury brand founded in 2020 by Stijn Pellegrims, with the objective to translate balance and tranquillity into products. The brand is named after his late grandmother, who was the embodiment of elegance and warmth.

Augusta had a habit of lighting a candle for every imaginable occasion- for a safe return home from a trip or to wish someone a speedy recovery. A candle a day, would keep anxiety at bay.

“These days, whenever I light a candle I am transported back to my childhood and the warm glow of candlelight instils an immediate sense of tranquillity” says Stijn. 

With a luxury line of carefully crafted scented candles which transform into silky aromatic oils, signature perfumes and fragrant herbal teas, Augusta is the antidote to today’s rushed lifestyle and overflowing agenda. The unifying factor across the full range of Augusta products is the exceptional quality of ingredients and the minute attention to detail.

Augusta was created to help you invite tranquillity and balance back into your life, one scent at a time.

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