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We at Augusta got curious, how we could make our signature scents become more holistic.

Why not transform aroma’s into flavours? Herbal teas are known to help bolster tranquillity and relaxation which make them the perfect antidote to a busy lifestyle.

For that we turned our nose to a renown botanist. We worked together to ensure the perfect blend of organic, high quality aromatic herbs. That will entice your entire olfactory system and will stimulate overall wellbeing.

The Augusta organic infusions are being meticulously selected and blended for aroma, freshness and texture. The Augusta range of herbal teas come in four varieties and uses similar top notes, heart notes and base notes like you will find in the signature scents. Our master blenders are working closely together with the botanist to transform the signature scents into a range of beautiful aromatic herbal infusions.

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