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What's to Come

 Signature Blend eau de toilette

At Augusta we believe that the power of scent is equal to that of the other four senses. A scent has the capacity to set an ambiance, to make a statement and even to transport you back in time to relive cherished memories.

In homage to the Augusta founding philosophy, our signature blends are subtle, elegant and inviting. Upon closer inspection, you might recognise the ingredients we use in our Vegan Wax Candles. Our team of highly experienced perfumers have used high quality natural ingredients –which form the core of Augusta-and blended them into a range of long-lasting fragrant signature scents. These signature blends are infused with the perfect balance of delicate aromas to last you through the day.

Love Yourself massage candle

Augusta scented candles will soon be available in a second distinct ranges: The Love Yourself Range will go to market around Valentine's Day.  An aromatic candle with an ingenious dual purpose. This candle burns at a low melting point, and transforms the delightful scented wax into a luscious oil. The oil can be used both on the body as a moisturiser or for a warm oil massage.  The love yourself range is the perfect decorative element for any bathroom and... bedroom.

The Love Yourself Range is made with premium organic ingredients, GMO free and do not contain any nasties traditionally found in scented candles like palm oil, mineral wax or paraffin.

Nice to know is that we added beeswax to ensure a low melting point. Making this a supreme sensory product 

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