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Love Yourself Massage Candle II

Love Yourself Massage Candle II


Top note: Cardemom

Heart note: Ginger

Base note: Ceder

this candle burns at a low melting point, and transforms the delightful scented wax into a luscious oil – perfect as a massage oil or a moisturiser. The love yourself range is the perfect decorative element for any bedroom and bathroom


  • Aroma Pallet

    This aroma will take you back to the mystical origins of the far east and create an unforgettable bouquet of delectable aromas for your living space. Top notes of spicy and fresh cardamom that soon give way to heart notes of revitalising ginger. The scent finishes with a smooth warm base note of woody and slightly sensual cedar.

  • Natural Ingredients

    vegan wax from soy bean and coconut oil

    + beeswax to ensure a low melting point

    free from GMO's, palm oil, mineral wax or paraffin.

  • How To Use

    Light the wick and wait for the wax to melt (+- 10 minutes)

    Blow out the flame and wait 30 sec.

    Check the temperature, poor the warm oil in the palm of your hand and massage onto skin

    Avoid the face

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